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Functional Medicine For Families & Gynecology
About Us

Who we are?

Seek proactive care from the professionals at Functional Medicine for Families and Gynecology in Leesburg, Virginia. Specializing in functional medicine, we are able to restore your health by finding new ways to manage allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and more. For those suffering from chronic illnesses, we hope that you have found a new option to help you on the road to recovery. Medical science has determined that many of today’s chronic illnesses can be triggered or aggravated by negative factors in nutrition and environment. John Hart, MD examines how these factors impact and undermine the optimal functioning of hormonal systems.

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Hear What Our Patients Are Saying!

Diane H.

I am 53 and had suffered for several years with mysterious all-over pain. I had been to numerous specialists, from neurologists to orthopedists to arthritis specialist. I tired everything, drugs to injections. I was miserable and nothing cured me. I was in pain always. My GP told me I just ...

Linda V.

Dr. Hart provides quality healthcare service in a caring and professional manner. During my office visits with him, he listened carefully, asked me many questions, and provided beneficial resources for me to read during my illness. My personal recovery took 12+ months. Dr. Hart and his courteous, caring staff were ...